Welcome to Aquatic Systems Research Group (ASRG)

The Aquatic Systems Research Group (ASRG) has a deep interest in freshwater and estuarine ecology, in particular, plankton and trophic ecology, environmental monitoring and assessment, biodiversity and conservation. To achieve this requires cooperation and integration from a multidisciplinary team of scientists across different institutions.

If you are interested in joining the lab, please get in touch. Prospective Postgraduate students interested in aquatic ecology [i.e., environmental monitoring and assessment, wetlands, rivers, reservoirs, biodiversity and conservation] are encouraged to apply through the National Research Foundation Postgraduate Grants and other scholarship/bursary supporting institutions, we will support your application to join the laboratory.

Please contact Dr Tatenda Dalu to discuss postgraduate studies and research projects (tatenda.dalu@ump.ac.za).

Postdoc, PhD and MSc posts will be advertised on the News section of this website.