Group Leader
SU STIAS Fellows Head and shoulders 07022023-41
Tatenda Dalu PhD (Rhodes), SAYAS Fellow, GEO7 Fellow, TWAS Young Affiliate Fellow, Pr.Sci.Nat. (Biol. Sci.)

I employ my expertise in plankton ecology, trophic ecology, environmental monitoring and assessment, biodiversity and conservation to test ecological theory and to understand and develop approaches for solving diverse environmental problems. I am particularly interested in how ecological systems respond to an environmental disturbance caused by anthropogenic impacts, hydroperiod and invasive species. Working with fellow ecologists, resource managers and policy makers often stimulates new directions for my research. Most of my projects use field observations, and experiments, to better understand the effects of natural and anthropogenic factors on flora and fauna and their role in aquatic ecosystems. Field studies are used to identify interesting patterns in nature that may indicate ecological and environmental problems or an interesting natural phenomenon. Manipulative experiments in artificial microcosms and mesocosms are used to confirm cause-effect relationships.

I collaborate widely with colleagues (fellow scientists, managers) from different universities/institutes on different projects and I often team up with National Parks and/or Game Reserve scientists and field staff at the front lines of conservation. I publish my findings mainly as peer-reviewed articles, popular articles and research reports.

I'm currently:
  1. Chairperson – Aquatic Sciences PAC of the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP).
  2. Member –  South African Alien Species Risk Analysis Review Panel (ASRARP)
  3. Member – British Ecological Society Grants Committee
  4. Senior Lecturer – School of Biology and Environmental Sciences, University of Mpumalanga.
  5. Associate Editor – African Journal of Ecology
  6. Associate Editor – Frontiers in Water - Environmental Water Quality
  7. Associate Editor – Ecology and Evolution
  8. Associate Editor – Aquatic Invasions
  9. Associate Editor – BioInvasions Records
  10. Editorial Board Member – Environmental Advances
  11. Editorial Board Member – Science of the Total Environment
  12. Professional Registered Scientist (Biological Sciences)
  13. TWAS Young Affiliateship Fellow
  14. Member – South Africa Youth Academy of Sciences
  15. Honorary Research Associate – South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity.
  16. UNEP Global Environmental Outlook 7 Fellow

I am also on ResearchGate, Twitter, Web of Science and Google Scholar. All pictures are by Tatenda Dalu (copyright) unless otherwise stated. ORCID NUMBER: 0000-0002-9019-7702